Virtual C Arm the future of Mobile Fluoroscpoic Imaging

PortaVision’s Virtual C Arm revolutionary technology provide patient bedside Radiographic, Multi-Rad and Pulse Fluoroscopic imaging

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PortaVision Medical focus on the unique challenges when caring for fragile,  immobile or remote location patients. We identify and fulfill mobile fluoroscopic opportunities that will improve the quality of patient care, add convenience, and provide high quality cost effective technology that result in improve fragile immobile patients outcome.

Virtual C Arm systems are simple but state-of-the-art and evolved far beyond the one-size-fits-all of today’s mobile C Arm fluoroscopic imaging systems. The technology brings breakthrough mobile fluoroscopic X-ray imaging into hospital intensive care units, patient bedside, emergency rooms, surgery Centers, imaging centers,  nursing home, home healthcare, rural and global healthcare. The competitive advantage of these innovative Virtual C Arm systems stems from patented, game changing technology that eliminate the need for a mechanical C Arm by electronically ensure the x-ray source is aligned to the flat panel detector prior to and during bedside fluoroscopic procedures, industry first static and dynamic cassette size flat panel detectors, and advance artificial intelligence image processing software

PortaVision’s innovate leading-edge Virtual C Arm  systems transform vision into reality, by bringing immeasurable value of mobile fluoroscopy X-ray imaging to countless fragile immobile patients.